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Hi there,

My name is Alex Coleman and I am a member of the education team at LendEDU.

In an effort to help students afford college, our team at LendEDU has updated our guide to scholarships to help students find relevant opportunities to cut some of the costs of college.

Our resource teaches students and families the importance of searching for scholarships when figuring out how to pay for college:

Other key points we cover are seen below:
- What are Scholarships?
- 13 Types of Scholarships
- Applying for Scholarships: A Step-by-Step Process
- Essay Tips
- Letters of Recommendation Tips
- Spotting Scholarship Scams
- Other Options

We have included Youtube videos from our channel to help cover the points we felt were most important.

This resource would be an awesome guide for your readers and would be a great addition to your resources page on your website.

There are no costs associated with sharing this resource or any resource on our site.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to hearing from you!



Alex Coleman I Research Analyst

Cell: (201) 956-3897 I Company: (800) 928-3940

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Another scholarship and college checklist website to visit:

Need help deciding on a college major:


College Information

Texas Common Application
Common Application for Texas colleges

You've Got a Big Future to Plan!

You Can Go!

You can go to college!

College & Career Readiness

Visit this website for connecting college and career readiness opportunities.

College Board
College search and SAT testing

Campus Tours
Virtual campus tours

Online College Options

Out of state:

Collegeview Search
College finder and recruiting service

College Fair Registration

Register for colleges by filling out this information and printing the bar code to bring with you to college night.

Princeton Review
The Princeton Review of colleges

College Net
College Net - it pays to think

Iona College

Centenary College of Louisiana


Peterson's Guide to Colleges and Universities

Careers and Colleges
Your guide to a successful future

College Matching

Characteristics you should consider when selecting a college.

College Board Texas Success Initiative Sample Questions

Sample questions for the TSI test.

TSI Study Tools

Need help passing the TSI so that you can take your college courses? Here's some help!

TSI Study App

An app to study for the TSI!

College Accreditation Information

Accredited online colleges vs. non-accredited online colleges

Online College Options

Easy search capabilities to find online college options for various degree programs. Scholarship searches are available also.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Fast Web
Scholarships, Financial Aid and Colleges

FAFSA on the web
Free application for federal student aid

College for Texans
Preparing, applying and paying for college

Cappex College and Scholarship Search
Matches students to scholarships.

Scholarship Tips

Questions to ask Scholarships and Grants Financial Aid Process College Budgeting 101

UT Texas Exes Scholarship Opportunities

Check out this website for some big scholarship opportunities!


Free SAT/ACT prep!

Free SAT/ACT Prep


SAT Reasoning Test

ACT Test
Register for the ACT test and more. ACT/SAT Prep

Need help finding on-site or on-line test prep tutoring? Click on this link for help in finding test prep opportunities and detailed reviews of the services provided by each test prep company.

TEA TAKS released tests
TEA's TAKS resource website. Release tests are available for each grade level. You may print one out along with the answer key or take an online test and have it scored.

TAKS interactive study guide
TEA's interactive study guide for each grade level/subject for TAKS testing.


What is Cyber Security resource:

Texas Career Readiness

Visit this website for college and career readiness preparation ideas.

Texas Cost of Living and Affordability Atlas

This tool helps students make better decisions about where in Texas they can afford to live and work in the future according to their own parameters such as living situations, occupations/careers, household preferences and food budgets.
Job search, career directory, education, home business

Career One Stop

This guide connects young people to career exploration resources available on the CareerOneStop (COS). The guide encourages students to think and make decisions about their futures. It also encourages students to engage with career counselors, workforce professionals, teachers, and parents or guardians.

My Next Move

What's My Next Move? This tool leads students through a seven-step process that begins with a self-assessment of their career interests, helps them identify the education and skills they will need to qualify for a job in specific occupations, and ends with a comprehensive career plan. The plan can then be shared with high school guidance counselors, parents, teachers, and workforce professionals in the American Job Centers Network.

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