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The Alvarado Independent School District does not keep copies of diplomas. The high school transcript is the official record of achievement and diplomas are considered ceremonial documents. To order a new high school diploma in the event a diploma has been lost or destroyed, please contact Erica Pulaski at 817.783.6940, ext. 2004. There will be a fee charged with ordering a new diploma.


ATTENTION: Please plan ahead for ALL transcripts requests as there may be times when an immediate request cannot be completed.

Transcript Release

Transcripts may be released upon written request from:

*a parent/guardian, provided the student is younger than 18, or is 18 or older and a dependent

*the student, provided he/she is 18 years of age or older .

Official transcripts' may be released only to institutions such as schools or places of business. Non-official transcripts may be released to individuals or institutions.

Transcript Requests

Current Alvarado HS Students: Please make requests for transcripts through the AHS Counseling Center.

Past Graduates or Withdrawn Students: Please download and complete the Transcript Request Form found on this page, and mail, email, or fax the request with a picture ID.

Transcript request questions should be directed to Shaunda Brainard, registrar, Alvarado High School or 817.783.6940, ext. 2012).

When requesting by mail, email, or fax, make sure you complete the Transcript Request Form and follow the directions below:

*provide name used while attending school, date of birth, year of graduation (if non-graduate, provide last grade and year attended) and your signature

*include copy of valid state issued ID

*provide name and address of recipient of transcript

*email request to (Shaunda Brainard, Registrar)

*mail request to the Alvarado High School, Counseling Center Registrar, PO Box 387, Alvarado TX 76009

*fax request to Alvarado High School, Counseling Center Registrar, 817.783.6954

Request In person at AHS:

*fill out form requesting transcript

*show valid state issued ID

To allow someone else 18 or older to pick up your transcript, you will need to do the following:

*list the name of the person picking up the transcript on the Transcript Request Form

*sign Transcript Request Form

*provide a copy of your valid state issued ID with the Transcript Request Form

The person picking up your transcript will be required to show their valid state issued picture ID.

Transcript Request Processing Time

Most transcript requests will be processed in two days or less. A requestor will be notified if a transcript request will take longer than two days to process.

Online Transcript Request Form

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