Counseling Center

Report cards and progress reports will only be posted online. Students are allowed to log in to their Skyward Student Access accounts on any computer in the library or counseling center to print either of those items to take home if a printed copy is needed. Semester and final year transcripts will be posted online also in January and June as another semester is completed for students and parents to print at their convenience.


New Option for Free SAT/ACT Test Prep!!


ASVAB Testing

The ASVAB Career Exploration Program includes eight individual tests covering verbal and math skills, mechanical knowledge, electronics, etc. It also provides three Career Exploration Scores for Verbal Skills, Math Skills, and Science and Technical Skills. These three scores serve as one of several pieces of information about your teen that can aid in the exploration of a wide variety of educational and career options. The ASVAB is offered at no cost and no obligation to high school students.

The ASVAB is provided free of charge to our students by the military, but it does not commit a student to the military. However, if they do score well, they may get contacted by a recruiter to see if they have ever considered the military as a career (depends on student's age as to whether what kind of contact can be made). However, we do have military recruiters come visit with our ASVAB students as a large group when the scores come in to explain the scores to them so that students can interpret the results.

Visit for more information.

Link to Hill College's Dual Credit information:

College Board Texas Success Initiative (state required test to take college classes) Sample Questions:

More TSI Study Tools:

Look for the TSI Study Tool phone app also!

Texas Virtual School Network


The State Board of Education has proposed different methods by which a student may earn credit. The following is a link to view Alvarado ISD's school policy on the Texas Virtual School Network:

You Have a Big Future to Plan!

Visit this website to get detailed help in planning your future from the College Board experts!

Free SAT Prep

Khan Academy has teamed up with the creators of the SAT to create personalized SAT practice for anyone, anywhere. In March 2016, the SAT is changing, and students can prepare for it on Khan Academy. Below is the link to access the SAT prep:

Foundation Graduation Program

Need help understanding the state's new graduation program? Click on the links below to get help!

Benefits of graduating with an endorsement at the distinguished level:

You Can Go to College!

AP Classes/Exams

Fast facts about AP Exams:

*In 2015, over 3.9 million exams were taken by more than 2.5 million students at over 19,000 high schools.

*The AP Program offers more than 37 courses in a wide variety of subject areas.

*The majority of U.S. high schools currently participate in the AP Program.

*Except for the three Studio Art exams, which are portfolio assessments, AP Exams contain multiple-choice questions and a free-response section.

*Because the College Board is committed to providing access to AP Exams to all students, including homeschooled students and students whose schools do not offer AP, students do not have to take an AP course before taking an AP Exam.

*More than 3,600 colleges and universities annually receive AP Exam scores. Over 90 percent of four-year colleges in the United States provide credit and/or advanced placement for qualifying scores.

Follow the links below to learn more about AP Exams:

Exam Dates

Fees & Fee Reductions

Course & Exam Development

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